Extraordinary Corrosion Protection from Polymer–Clay Nanobrick Wall Thin Films

Metals across all industries demand anticorrosion surface treatments and drive a continual need for high-performing and low-cost coatings. Here we demonstrate polymer–clay nanocomposite thin films as a new class of transparent conformal barrier coatings for protection in corrosive atmospheres. Films assembled via layer-by-layer deposition, as thin as 90 nm, are shown to reduce copper corrosion rates by >1000× in an aggressive H2S atmosphere. These multilayer nanobrick wall coatings hold promise as high-performing anticorrosion treatment alternatives to costlier, more toxic, and less scalable thin films, such as graphene, hexavalent chromium, or atomic-layer-deposited metal oxides.


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E. J. Schindelholz, E. D. Spoerke, H. Nguyen, J. C. Grunlan, S. Qin, D. C. Bufford, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces201810, 21799–21803.

Published in June 2018