Layer-by-layer assembly of silica-based flame retardant thin film on PET fabric

A novel method to improve flame retardant properties of textile fabric using multilayered thin films was evaluated. In this work, PET fabrics were coated with silica nanoparticles using layer-by-layer assembly. Five bilayers of positively and negatively charged colloidal silica (<10 nm average thickness) increased time to ignition and decreased heat release rate peak of PET fabric by 45% and 20%, respectively. In vertical burn test, this same nanocoating dramatically reduced burn time and eliminated melt dripping. This study demonstrates the ability to impart flame retardant behavior using a water-based, environmentally-friendly protective coating.

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Carosio, F; Laufer, G; Alongi, J;  Camino, G; Grunlan, JC; Polym. Degrad. Stab.2011, 96 (5), 745-750.

Published in Polymer Degradation and Stability 2011 / Thin Films