Low temperature thermal reduction of graphene oxide nanobrick walls: Unique combination of high gas barrier and low resistivity in fully organic polyelectrolyte multilayer thin films

Layer-by-layer assembly from aqueous solutions was used to construct multilayer thin films (<200 nm) comprising polyethylenimine and graphene oxide. Low-temperature (175 °C) thermal reduction of these films improved gas barrier properties (e.g., lower permeability than SiOx), even under high humidity conditions, and enhanced their electrical conductivity to 1750 S/m. The flexible nature of the aforementioned thin films, along with their excellent combination of transport properties, make them ideal candidates for use in a broad range of electronics and packaging applications.

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Stevens, B; Dessiatova, E; Hagen, DA; Todd, AD; Bielawski, CW, Grunlan, JC; ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces20146, 9942-9945.

Published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2014 / Thin Films