Method for combinatorial screening of moisture vapor transmission rate

A high-throughput method for screening the moisture vapor transmission rate of barrier films was developed. This moisture high-throughput screening (MHTS) technique is based upon a Nafion−crystal violet (CVN) sensor that changes color from yellow to green upon absorption of water. Using an appropriate set of known standards, the slope of absorbance (at 630 nm) as a function of time can be converted into moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) values that agree with those obtained using ASTM F1290. High-throughput screening was demonstrated by depositing 20 emulsion-based poly(vinylidene chloride) films, using a 48-well template, of varying thicknesses onto the CVN sensor film and aging at 40 °C and 90% relative humidity for 72 h. MVTR values were accurately determined to a level of 0.9 g/m2·day, at which point side-diffusion of moisture between the barrier and sensor films prevented observation of lower values. Larger sample size and edge-sealing are two proposed methods for improving the sensitivity of MHTS.

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Grunlan, JC; Mehrabi, AR; Chavira, AT; Nugent, AB; Saunders, DL; J. Comb. Chem., 20035 (4), 362-368.

Published in Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry 2003