Organic Thermoelectric Composites and Their Uses

Embodiments of the invention are directed to conducting polymers are used to produce polymer composites through the addition of graphitic carbon. The concentration of graphitic carbons such as carbon nanotubes is low enough to produce many non-percolated networks of graphitic carbons. Potential commercial applications include self-powered energy harvesting units operated by any type and grade heat including body heat and waste heat. Embodiments of the invention are also directed to a process for a thermoelectric nanocomposite thin film comprising organic conducting polymers and organic conducting nanomaterials.

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C. Yu, J. C. Grunlan, C. Cho, Organic Thermoelectric Composites and Their Uses, U. S. Patent 20170148970 A1 (Published May 25, 2017)

Published in US 20170148970 A1